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Pet Grooming Services

Did you know that Highland Animal Hospital also has our very own in-house pet spa? We offer a full suite of grooming services to get your pet looking and feeling his or her best.

Pampering Your Pet at the Highland Spa

Grooming services help pets smell fresh, look beautiful, and feel great. Kerry, our highly experienced pet groomer, is excited to meet you and your pet family, and we’re confident she’ll exceed your expectations.

Our groomer is trained to gently groom dogs of all breeds, coat types, and treatment needs! Here are just a few ways she can help your pet feel his or her best and look great, too:

  • Standard Baths, Ear Cleanings, Anal Gland Expressions & Nail Trims
  • Medicated & Sanitary Baths treat skin irritations and parasites
  • Professional Cuts are always based on your taste

Pets deserve to be pampered, but in reality, grooming helps pets in much bigger ways. Matted, knotty fur and long nails simply do not feel good! A well-maintained coat, skin, and nails make for a happy, comfortable pet. Most importantly, grooming is preventative. It gives us an opportunity to identify underlying skin infections, abnormal lumps, and fleas, ticks, and ear mites. Fees are based on your pet’s breed, coat condition, and style of cut. We’re happy to provide a quote at any time.

Grooming services are by appointment only. Call (781) 433-0467 to schedule a visit with Kerry and experience the top-quality grooming services they provide for pets. Kerry hopes to meet you and your cute companions soon!

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